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Parasites and antiparasitics

In this blog we will talk about the most frequent parasites and antiparasitics commonly used in Colombia. Here you will find which are the most common parasites, how the person can be infected, who have more risk to be infected and which are the most widely used antiparasitics.

Tuberculosis: Part 2

In this second part of the tuberculosis (TB) blog we will explain how tuberculosis is diagnosed, what is its treatment and what are the preventive measures that all people with tuberculosis should take into account, for themselves and for the people with whom they live.

Tuberculosis: Part 1

In this blog we will discuss what tuberculosis is, what its history is, how the disease is transmitted and what symptoms occur if the person is infected with tuberculosis. The topic of tuberculosis will be divided into two blogs.

Whooping cough

In this blog we will talk about whooping cough, a bacterial disease that affects the respiratory tract. Whooping cough owes its name to the noise produced when trying to breathe after a coughing fit, in some cases it can lead to pneumonia and other complications for the health of children, so it is relevant to inform and raise awareness about this disease


In this blog we will talk about leptospirosis, a bacterial disease transmitted by both domestic and wild animals. This disease is considered a public health problem by the World Health Organization, so the dissemination of information and the awareness of the general population about it is of vital importance.


Hypothyroidism is a common cause of consulting the doctor, in this blog we will talk about its causes, symptoms and recommendations for the consumption of the drug.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a frequent condition among men that alters the quality of life of those who suffer from it and their family. In this blog we will talk about the most frequent causes and what changes we can make to improve erectile dysfunction.


Vertigo is the illusion of movement that can be referred by the person as if the world is moving. I write this blog to explain a little better about the possible causes, symptoms and treatments.


In the next blog we will cover the subject of vitiligo, a disease that can be acquired at any time in life, it is chronic and of unknown cause, that can affect all people regardless of race or sex.


In the next blog we are going to discuss the topic of scabies, a parasitic infection that affects approximately 300 million people in the world.

James Lind

In this blog we will tell you the story of James Lind, a Scottish doctor from the 18th century who carried out the first controlled clinical study and with that he was able to determine the importance of consuming citrus fruits for the treatment of the disease known as scurvy.

Edward Jenner

In the following paragraphs we will tell the story of the birth of vaccination and the doctor Edward Jenner as both stories are linked.


Since its discovery by Edwar Jenner in 1789, the number of lives that have been saved is countless. I am writing this blog to clarify some questions about vaccines​

Blood pressure measurement

Many times physicians request blood pressure measurements at home because medication adjustments are required or because the blood pressure figures during the consultation are not adequate. I write this blog so that people know the proper way to monitor their blood pressure from home.


It is a period that can scare many women and that is why I am writing the following blog so that you know in advance what they can face and how they can deal with this new time in their lives.


Exclusive breastfeeding not only increases the defenses of newborn babies and feeds them in the best possible way, also, it is one of the moments of greatest mother-child closeness. I write this blog for women who are breastfeeding to clarify doubts about this topic.

John Snow

Visit our blog to learn the story of John Snow the father of modern epidemiology.

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congestive venous insufficiency

I write this blog with the objective to explain symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency in the lower limbs and what behaviors the people can perform to alleviate symptoms.


Insomnia Is an alteration of the normal pattern sleeping and it is the subject that we are going to address, focusing on the things that we can modify to solve it.

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Urinary infection during pregnancy

UTI is one of the most frequent complications during pregnancy that can lead to complications for both the mother and the growing fetus. This blog is created to clarify doubts for future mothers and thus generate a greater understanding of the need for certain changes during pregnancy to avoid this disease.

Diabetes Mellitus

The goal of this blog is to clarify certain questions about this condition and guide people on appropriate lifestyle changes that can improve the patient’s quality of life.


I write this blog so that we all know how to deal with this health problem