keyboard Shortcuts for Unity

Do you want to save time in game development with unity?. Here you will find some keyboards shortcuts for unity.

Select all

Save time selecting archives, game objects and folders

Deselect all

Is the inverse of Select all

Invert Selection

When you want to save time, select the archives you dont want and after invert the selection


Save 0.5 seconds and use Ctrl+D instead of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

Play mode

If you miss your cursor very often, save time using Ctrl+P and forget your cursor

keyboard shortcuts for unity 2

This is a update of shortcuts

Hand tool

Let you to move the camera just press Q then click in the scene window and hold while you move the cursor.

Move tool

This shortcut let you move the current gameobject, for this, press W then click in the game object you want to move and move it.

Rotate tool

You want to rotate your game object? Press R and then click on your game object, select one of the circles and rotate it whatever you want.

Scale tool

To change the size of your game object, press T and then click on your game object, three squares will appear: the first on the right side, the second on the top side and the last inside the game object (green, red and white respectively). Make the change in the size you want by moving each of the squares.

Rect tool

This let you change the size of your game object in a in a freer way than scale tool, for that, press Y and then click in yoru game object. Four points will appear in the corners, click on them and change your game object.
Be carefull this can change the position of your game object as well.

One for all

With this you can make the previous shortcuts in just one click.

Custom Editor tool

to be honest i have never used it

But aparently the function of this shortuct depends of your current game object.

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