Prepare a 2D tileset for pixelart in Unity

In this blog, I will show you some easy steps to prepare your tileset for work in Unity

1. Copy your tileset in Unity

Make your tileset in the program of your election, remember that the tileset must be in PNG format. After that, just move your file inside Unity.

2. Go to the inspector

Now select the file and go to the inspector where you will find some items, some of them need to be adjusted to make the tileset adequate for work on Unity.

3. Modifying the items

First, modify the item “Sprite Mode” from “Single” to “Multiple” to indicate to Unity that your image contain more that one sprite

Second, change the “filter mode” to “no filter”

Third, put “compression” to “none”

4. pixels per unit

In this item, the selection depend of the quantity of pixels per unit that you tileset use you can chose to stay en 100 ppu or change to the pixels per unit that you identify in your tileset.

5. Inside the editor

Now click on “Sprite editor”: This will open a new window

Find the button “Slice” and click on it.

6. Slicing

First, decide if you wanted to make this “automatic” or “grid by cell size”

  • Automatic: the sprite editor identify the images and made the slice
  • Grid by cell size: you have to put the pixels in x and y axis

Second, establish the pivot, that is the anchor point of your image

Third, click on “Slice”

7. Verifying

There is a little button in the upper right corner of the editor this button show you how the slice was made

8. At last!! Slice it!

Click on “Apply”

After this close the window.

9. Congratulations you made it!

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