Unity 2020: Tilemap Component: make your own 2D maps

Here you will find a easy way to create the scenario of your game using the Tilemap component of Unity.

1. What do you need to start?

You will need a 2D tileset ready to use for the Tilemap component

If you don’t know how to make your tileset go to the previous post Tips sprite editor.

2. The Tilemap component

First of all, go to the hierarchy window in Unity and right click, choose the option 2D Object and then the option Tilemap

3. The Grid object

Now Unity will show you a Grid object in your hierarchy, and inside of it you will find the tilemap.

The object Grid can be adjusted for anything you need, for example, you can change the Cell size and Cell Gap.

4. The Tilemap object

Inside the Grid object you will find the Tilemap object, this also can be modify depend of the need of the game.

For example you can change the Tile Anchor that will change the anchor point of every tile.

5. The Tilepalette window

Now that you know the Tilemap object, pass to the Tile Palette window (remember that if you dont see it, go to the tab “window” in the upper side of Unity and find it)

Here we can change the name of our Tile palette, choose the kind of grid that we need and specify the size of our tiles.

6. Create your Tile palette

Click on create.

This will open a new window where you have to select a folder. For default, there is not a folder for tile palettes, so you have to create one with a name of your preference.

7. Use your Tileset

Now with your 2D tileset selected, drag it to the Tile palette window.

8. Finish him!!!

With this your Tile paltte is ready to use in your component Tilemap.

Choose the tool Brush and then click in the tile you like to draw in the tilemap, after that click in the scene window.

Congratulations!!! Now you can make your scenario.

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