Unity 2021: LoadsceneMode Single vs Additive

In this blog I will explain the difference between LoadSceneMode.Single vs LoadSceneMode.Additive. Both are ways to load scenes in Unity.

1. SceneManager.LoadScene

The SceneManager.LoadScene() let you to load a scene using the index of scenes (the first scene will always be number 0) or the name of the scenes.

Apart of this, the SceneManager.LoadScene() have two ways to charge the next scene, one way (using LoadSceneMode.Single) implies to descart the elements of previous scene and load a complete new scene, the second way (using LoadSceneMode.Additive) just add the elements of the new scene to the actual scene.

You can verify the number of the index of every scene in the Build settings. In the image above the number index is highlighted in yellow, and the name of the scenes is in green.

In the next section of the blog we will focus in the ways to load a scene. First how to use the number of the index and then using a string to identify your next scene.

2. Load a scene using the index number

In this first example we will use the index number of each scene to identify wich scene to load next. Remember that the first scene will have the number 0.

3. Load a scene using the name of the scene

In this second example we will use the name of the scene, for this case the next scene is named “Scene2”.

Is preferred to use the index, because this avoid problems if the name of the scene is changed and for improve the performance.

In the nex section we will show how to use the parameters LoadSceneMode.Single and LoadSceneMode.Additive.

4. LoadSceneMode.Single vs LoadSceneMode.Additive

You can use LoadsceneMode.Single when you need to charge a ligth scene. On other hand, if you have a more heavy scene you can use LoadsceneMode.Additive. Also you can use the LoadSceneMode.Additive when your creating a loading scene.

5. Using LoadSceneMode.Single

In the above image we show you a way to use LoadSceneMode.Single, always remember that this is unnecessary because this is the default way to load scene in Unity

6. Using LoadSceneMode.Additive

In the above image you find how to implement the use of LoadSceneMode.Additive for your scripts.

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