Unity 2021: TextMeshPro

In this blog I will show you some basic aspects about this marvelous package for Unity. One of the most important part in the development of our game is the typography and with this package everything is more easy,

1. Introduction

In the past, Unity used the “Text” package to create and display everything related to text during game development. Now Unity implemented the “TextMeshPro” package that replaces the “Text”.

2. Install TextMeshPro package

To install the package go to Window>Package Manager and search for “Text”. Click in install and that’s all. In the last versions of Unity the package is included.

3. Using TextMeshPro

Now we will use the TextMeshPro for this you must create a object “TextMeshPro” you can find it in 3D objects.

This gameobject contains a Rect Transform component that let us to manipulate the rotation and anchors of the object

4. The TextMeshPro component

In the main component you will find the next:

  • Sample text: The first space correspont to the space where you can write the text
  • The text style: In this part you can modify the way the text looks
  • Font Asset:You can change the font and even you can import text from other sources like google fonts
  • Material preset: another way to improve the looks of your text
  • Font Style: Here is where you can change the text to bold, underlined, strikethrough, …
  • Font Size: the size of the text
  • Autosize: This let you to stablish a minimum and maximum size for the letters
  • Color gradient: with this you can stablish a gradient from 4 points

Spacing Options: Play with this option to changes the space between characters, word, lines and paragraph

With this we finish the blog for the basic aspects of TextMeshPro. Thank you for reading

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