Unity 2021: Timeline – A package to cinematic games

In this blog we wil talk about the Timeline package a tool focused in create cinematic scenes for your videogame. It is one of the most useful tools for a game developer in Unity, with this you will give a touch of greater refinement to your dream game.

1. Introduction

This package from Unity give you the liberty to create cinematic content, gameplay sequences, audio sequences and more elements.

2. Using the Timeline package

If you don’t see the Timeline window in your layout go to Windows>Sequencing>Timeline this will activate the Timeline window, from here now we can star using this package.

3. The time line of the Timeline

How the image show us, the fisrt thing is to create a empty object in the hierarchy. With this item selected go to the Timeline window and click on Create. Add a new folder with the name Timelines and save your timeline in there.

4. Tracks in the Timeline

In the Timeline window you will view a change. Now you have literally a timeline where you can add some activation, animation, audio or playable track. To select one of these option, make rigth click on the left panel and select one.

Animation Track: Binds a GameObject to the Animation track. If the GameObject doesn’t already have an Animator component, the Timeline window creates an Animator component for the GameObject.1

Activation Track: bind a GameObject to the Activation track to activate or deactivate a gameobject in during your cinematic scene.1

Audio Track: bind a gameobject with an Audio Source component.1

5. Activation track

You can find an example of how use the activation track in the above image.

6. Animation track

In the above image you find an example of the animation track. This kind of track let you play an animation of your game object in your cinematographic scene, this can show you changes in position, rotation, colour and everything like others animations.

I hope this little introduction for the timeline will help you to start in the use of this amazing tool for unity.

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  1. https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.timeline@1.3/manual/trk_add.html

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