Unity 2021: Popular assets

In this blog we will show you some popular assets that you can use in your game development in Unity. This assets will reduce your develoment time a lot, as result you can focus in others task of your game development.

1. Introduction

Many games used this kind of packages to reduce time and to focused in others important task as art or marketing. In the next sections you will find some of the assets that we think are the most useful for the development of your dreamed game.

2. Playmaker

PlayMaker is one of the most used package. Is a visual scripting tool, that means that if you not do not have any coding abilities you can create your game using this packages because this tool will create a visual representation of the code easy to understand and use.

This package cost 65$ but sometimes has some discounts.

This asset was used for Hollow Knight and Inside, two of the most popular indie games.

3. Dialogue System for Unity

Every timEvery time you have to create a game like a RPG or a Roguelike, you must ask yourself what kind of dialogue you will use. With the objective of diminish the time of development of that kind of games you can buy this package for 85 $ and you will find one of the must complete package to manage your dialogue system.

This asset was used in Disco Eliseum, an awarded indie game.

4. Adventure Creator

If you want a more complete package with all that you will use for your game , maybe you must use the Adventure Creator package, this will give you from the most basic to the most advanced tools to complete your game development.

It was used in a big list of indie games like Saint Kotar and little Misfortune.

5. Rewired

This an interesting package to improve your input system, but remember that unity created the new input system.

6. Lean Touch

This last package is implement for game development of mobile games, will help you to improve your input system for this kind of games.

WIth this package we end this blog let us in the comments if there is another that must be mentioned.

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