Unity: Cinemachine package

In this blog I will explain what is the use of this package and the basic settings of the Cinemachine package to make the camera follow one gameobject (the player).

1. Install the package

Go to Window>Package Manager and search for Cinemachine.

Click on Install.

2. Using the component CinemachineVirtualCamera

First, create an empty gameobject in your main camera and add the component CinemachineVirtualCamera, this component will let you set, among other things, the aim, body and noise to the Unity camera.

Second, in the main camera add the component CinemachineBrain, this component monitors all active Virtual Cameras in the Scene. 

3. Settings of the component CinemachineVirtualCamera

In the image you can see some settings that you can stablish in the CinemachineVirtualCamera that allows to the camera to follow a certain gameobject.

5. Example of the use of this component


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