Unity: Collaborate package

In this blog a will show you how to activate the “Collaborate package” from unity.

This package create a copy of all your assets and save all your archives in a cloud of Unity. So, if you have some problem with your current project you can access to this archives as a backup.

1. You need a Unity ID

When you download Unity you have to create a Unity account, that account will be use it by the package to create the cloud of Unity

2. Lets activate the package

In the upper part of Unity go to window>General>Services with this a new window is open named “Services” in that window find the option Collaborate and click on it

3. From OFF to ON

That will open a new window where you can find an option named “Collaborate” let’s click on OFF to change it to ON

4. Collaborate ON

Now you can find some options that let you interact with this package including “Cloud Storage”, this option is a external link that send you to your Unity Cloud where you can view your files saved

5. Using Collaborate package

With all this done now you can access to the Collaborate package from the upper right corner of Unity.

In the image you find the two versions of the button to go to Collaborate packages.

6. Saving your backups

In the Collaborate window you will find two options

  • Changes: in this option you will find the recent changes in your current project including files like sprites, scripts, materials, etc. In this same option you can upload to the cloud your files.
  • History: Here you will find your previously uploads. You can reset your project to previously state selecting one of your backups.

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