Unity recorder 2020: A simple way to record the playmode of Unity

This blog is write to guide you to install the package “Unity recorder”, that is a tool to record you play mode in Unity.

1. Go to Package Manager

Go to Package Manager and go to configuration

2. Configuration the Package Manager

Once in configuration select the option “Advanced Project Settings”. This will open a window when you have to select the option “Enable Preview Packages”.

3. Find Unity Recoder in the package manager

Close the previous window and return the package manager, now you can find Unity Recorder in the list to left side of the window.

Install it to begin to record.

4. Use the recorder

Once you finished to install it. Go to Window > General > Recorder > Recorder Window

With this you will open the Unity Recorder.

5. Select Movie option

With this step we are telling to Unity Recorder what kind of output we need

6. Adjust the folder and properties of the video.

Select a File name

Select the folder where Unity Recorder will save the video

Select Exit play mode.

7. The last thing …

Press the Red buttom to start Unity Recorder.

8. Exit the recorder

Just close the play mode to end the recorder and find your video in the folder that you previously selected.

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