Unity: Tips and tricks

In this blog I will show you some tips and tricks for Unity.

1. See private variables in Unity

When you create a private variable in a script, it is not possible to view it later in the Unity editor unlike public variables.

But if you right click on the inspector and look for the “Debug” option, you will see the private variables of the scripts attached to a certain game object.

2. Padlock tip

Are you tired of trying to move a gameobject to another gameobject and end up deselecting the one you need in the inspector?

Well, the solution is using the small padlock in right upper corner.

This will prevent the change of the object selected in the inspector.

Don’t forget to deselect the padlock when you’re done with the gameobject.

3. Occult some objects in the scene

Are you tired of have multiples object overlapping in the scene (for example the canvas)?

In this case, the solution is to use the “small eye” in the left side of the hierarchy.
With this, the object will be occult in the scene window.
The object will not be destroyed and can be seen in the game window.

4. Prevent unnecessary selection of an item in the scene

Are you tired of select the wrong gameobject in the scene?

Go to the hierarchy and in the left side you will find a “small hand”, making a click on this will prevent that certain elements can be selected in the scene.

5. Playmode Tint

Are you tired of forgetting that you are in playmode and making some changes that will not be saved later?

Change the tint of the playmode and this will remember you that you are in playmode.

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