Websites to publish your indie game (PC version)

The most important part of creating a videogame is: someone to play it.

That is why it is important to know what options we have to publish our game. In this blog we present you some websites to publish your indie PC game. Remember that you can post your game in more than one at a time.


Steam by Valve, it’s the website with most visits per month of our list, with almost 120 millions of visits is the most important website that you must have take in account at the moment of publish your game. Steam require a fee for 100 dollars to upload your game but with those number of visits is a really good option.


The second of our list is a website focused in Indie games, with 28 million visits per month is the favorite website for the indie developers, since the publication of your game is free. You must bear in mind that when you upload your game you can choose between 0 to 30% of the revenue split. So it is your decision or not to give something for the website.

3. Humble bundle

Humble bundle is our third web site, with almost 11.5 million visits per month is a good option to publish your game, the upload of your game is free but the revenue split is mandatory. This website is special because they give 10% of the revenue for charity, so if you want to help people and at the same time sell your game is the option.

4. GOG

GOG or Good Old Games is our fourth option, the 10 million vsisits per month is a good cantity of visits, the problem with this website is that they are very selective in which game publish, making your publish with them a bet, obviously if your game is the best of its kind you will not have problems.


Gamejolt is our five website, with 5,3 million visits per month makes a good option to publish your game, but when I maked this blog I found that this page had some problems in the past, even for a determine amount of time was closed. So, if you decide to publish your game in this website, you are all ready warned.

6. GamersGate

Our last option is Gamersgate, launched in 2006, unfortunely we dont have data about the monthly visits for that reason is our last option.

How you all ready see, there exist multiple options and even you can publish your game in diferents websites to attract more public. We hope this blog help you to take a decision.

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